Customers can choose from these 3 leather types:

  Veg. / Synthetic "Leather"  

  • Material: Made from high-quality synthetic materials, this vegan-friendly "leather" provides an cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather. It is crafted to mimic the look and feel of genuine leather without using any animal products.
  • Texture: The synthetic leather has a smooth and consistent texture, offering a sleek appearance, with materials that mimic the natural texture and grain patterns found in real leather. Detail helps vegan-friendly leather closely resemble the tactile qualities of genuine leather.
  • Features: Ideal for those who prefer a sustainable and animal-friendly choice, this synthetic leather option is versatile and suitable for all jackets. It is also often resistant to water and stains, providing practicality in everyday use.

  Genuine Smooth Nappa Leather 

  • Material: Crafted from Nappa Leather, this option is known for its exceptional softness and fine grain texture. The leather is carefully processed to achieve a smooth and luxurious finish.
  • Texture: The smooth Nappa leather is incredibly soft and lightweight, offering a comfortable feel against the skin. Its fine grain pattern adds to its refined appearance.
  • Features: This type of leather is perfect for those who appreciate immediate comfort. It molds quickly to the body, requiring minimal breaking in. Jackets made from smooth nappa leather provide a sophisticated and elegant look without sacrificing comfort.

  Premium Heavy Nappa Leather  

  • Material: Manufactured from genuine nappa leather, the Premium heavy Nappa option is designed to be thicker and more substantial, offering a more rugged and durable quality.
  • Texture: While still maintaining a soft feel, the premium heavy nappa leather has a more robust texture compared to its lighter counterpart. It is crafted to endure wear and tear over time, developing a unique patina with use.
  • Features: Suited for those who appreciate a more traditional and rugged leather experience. Jackets made from heavy Nappa leather, are crafted to break in gradually. Despite its rugged quality, it remains soft and comfortable, providing a balance between durability and comfort.